Getting a California Driver's License: Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking to get a driver's license in California? You can start the process online and finish it at a DMV office. There is an application fee for the original, renewal, and replacement DL. An instruction permit is not valid unless you participate in driver training. During the permit period, you cannot drive alone. After six months of driving with another California licensed driver who is 25 years of age or older, you can take the driving test for a driver's license.

As for the actual online knowledge test, it is available on a computer with Internet access or laptop with camera only. The DMV does not allow the test to be performed on a tablet or phone. When applying for a new CA driver's license, you should refer to the steps in the Applying for a California Driver's License section. The online at-home test is primarily for those who need to take and complete the driver's license knowledge test before visiting a DMV office. This form can be used to request a new driver's license (standard, commercial, motorcycle, or REAL ID), a new identification card (standard or REAL ID), or to request license endorsements. Before going to the DMV, check if you need to apply for a new driver's license or not.

If you already have a driver's license in another state, you don't have to start from scratch after moving to California. Once you have established your residency in the state, you must apply for your CA driver's license in 10 days or less. California residents who have never obtained a driver's license before have to go through a few more obstacles. Once you have met these requirements and USCIS verifies your legal presence, you will obtain your driver's license. After passing your driving test, you'll get a temporary driver's license that will be valid for 90 days. Another thing you'll need is a certificate of completion from a California driver's education provider or proof that you are currently enrolled in driving training.

You should know that your driving test is likely to be waived if you already have a driver's license from another state. If you are on active duty, your driver's license will not expire as long as you have the DL 236 card, also known as a license extension for individuals in the military. Before your license expires, you must send a letter with your name, driver's license number, California address, date of birth, and address from another state.

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