How Much Does a Florida Driver's License Cost?

If you're moving to Florida and have a valid license from another state, you must obtain a Florida license within 30 days of becoming a resident. Contact your local driver's license office to find out if an appointment is necessary for the service you need. You must also bring a court order or marriage certificate to the driver's license office within 10 days of the change if your name has been changed. As you can see, the state of Florida offers many convenient ways for drivers to complete DMV license renewal. When you go to the driver's license office, you'll need to provide your name as it appears on your license, your driver's license number, your date of birth, and your address and zip code from another state.

Appointments are recommended but not required for many of the services provided by driver's license offices. You'll also need to take a driving test, which must be supervised by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age who is seated in the front seat next to you. Any application for a driver's license or identification card also requires that you meet the requirements of the Federal Selective Service System. You may still show up at the driver's license office without an appointment, but the quickest service is provided through the use of appointments. You may be required to return another day for additional testing due to the volume of driving tests conducted at each driver's license location.

Renewing your driver's license in person at the Florida DMV is the common option for most drivers. If you're stopped by police and the address on your driver's license is incorrect, you may receive a citation. These forms can be requested through your local driver's license office and will be mailed to you directly. Be sure to keep an eye on the expiration date of your driver's license; being caught driving with an expired license is a violation in Florida and will result in a fine. The social security number (if issued) MUST be included in the application for a driver's license or identification card.

Additionally, if you've received too many traffic violations, you may be required to take an Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course online.

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