Do I Need Proof of Residency to Get a Florida Driver's License?

To comply with the requirements of the REAL ID Act, anyone applying for a license in person must bring documents that prove their identity, social security number, legal residence, place and date of birth. A voter ID card is acceptable as it shows where you live and where you need to go to. However, when it comes to a driver's license, it is used as the primary identification card; therefore, presenting a residential address is essential. It is important to carry your driver's license with you when you drive your motor vehicle.

On the other hand, presenting a driver's license with your residential address to a total stranger for identification can lead to an unwanted invasion of your personal privacy. That is why many Floridians have a P. O. Box for security reasons.

If you live in Florida and want to drive a motor vehicle on public streets and highways, you must have a driver's license from the State of Florida. Until recently, you could get a Florida driver's license and have your mailing address printed on it. If the police stop you and the address on your driver's license is incorrect, you may receive a citation. Contact your local driver's license office to determine if an appointment is required for the service you need.

True but transparent safeguards must be in place to ensure that driver's license data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. The only time you show your Florida driver's license is in case you are stopped by a law enforcement officer as part of a traffic stop. What makes this so dangerous is that if someone gets a restraining order against a perpetrator of domestic violence or a stalker and the person who obtained the restraining order somehow loses their driver's license with the residence address. You will be required to return another day for additional testing due to the volume of driving tests conducted at each driver's license location.

You must bring a court order or marriage certificate to the driver's license office to prove your name change within 10 days of the change. These forms can be requested through your local driver's license office and will be mailed to you directly. Now, when you receive your Florida driver's license, you will have, among other things, as required by federal REAL ID law, your residential address printed on your license. Enter your name as it appears on your license, your driver's license number, your date of birth, and your address and zip code from another state. Drivers can only drive during daylight hours for the first three months from the original air date if accompanied by a licensed driver, 21 years of age or older, occupying the front passenger seat.

Any application for a driver's license or identification card accepts the requirements of the Federal Selective Service System. New driver's licenses and identification cards have a star in the upper right corner of the card, indicating that they are REAL ID compliant.

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